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Current version: 0.3.4


What is it?

MID(Disc)Golf is a golf score-keeping application for mobile phones with J2ME/MIDP, allowing you to easily keep score out on the course. Although very usable for ball golf and derivatives, it's designed specifically with disc golf in mind.




What is MID(Disc)Golf?

See above.

How much does MID(Disc)Golf cost?

It's FREE... and the source code is available under the GPL.

Where do I report bugs, give feedback, and heap praise?

Please do so on the sourceforge tracker and forums pages. You can try the main sourceforge project page as well.

Where can I get the source?

This project is hosted by sourceforge.net and the source is available there.

Who is Jason Pratt?

I wrote MID(Disc)Golf. You can find out more about me here: http://jasonpratt.org/about/

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